Week 9 Summary

This week I learned about web fonts and their slow evolution.  I also discovered google web fonts and had a good time playing around with that.  I also learned how handy grids were in web design and found some great resources to learn more. On the Flourish website I completed the design document which I […]

Week 8 Summary

And the final project begins!!!  I have decided to create a website for a business my mom and I are trying to launch next year.  Flourish will be a wellness studio offering yoga, pilates and group exercise.  This week I pulled out my marketing plan for reference and creating the project profiler.  I sketched out […]

Week 7 Summary

This week I learned about creating animation in Fireworks.  I used that information to create an animation within my banner design.  I used states to create a simple flow of my leaves.  The important thing to remember is the timing between states and to export it as a animated GIF.  Below is the reading about […]

Week 6 Summary

This week I was thrown in Dreamweaver feet first.  I learned how to setup up a site, work with images and use background tiling.  I worked with my banners and created a finished html version along with a smaller version. I’m excited for the final project.  I’m thinking about building a website for an underground […]

Week 5 Summary

There has been more Fireworks than the 4th of July this week!  I had a lot of fun learning Adobe Fireworks this week.  It’s super easy to use and you can undo all day!  I also got a chance to play around in Illustrator to create the vector artwork for my banners.  Below are a […]

Week 4 Summary

Week 4 was all about CSS ( Cascading Stylesheets) which is a set of rules to help define the design, layout and typography of a website.  It works similarly to stylesheets in layout application like InDesign.  It makes designing a consistent site easier by applying elements to entire sections at a time. I learned about […]

Week 3 Summary

This week was all about links and images and some more color. I learned about the 3 major types of web friendly images (.png, .jpg, .gif) and did some exercises to help you figure out which one is best for the job.  I also learned how to prepare an image for the web by cropping, […]

Week 2 Summary

Color, Links and More!  This week’s theme of color was a lot of fun.  Being an art school kid, I have taken my share of color theory courses but it’s always interesting reading different professionals’ perspectives.  The chapter in the book reviewed the following color schemes: monochromatic analogous complementary split complementary triadic triadic tetradic Palettes […]

Week 1 Summary

Week 1 was all about the basics.  It started with the basics of using Angel and the online classroom.  I then got to learn a bit about my classmates, which was great.  I learned  how and why the world wide web was created and the timeline for which it grew.  I was introduced to ftp […]