Week 8 Summary

And the final project begins!!!  I have decided to create a website for a business my mom and I are trying to launch next year.  Flourish will be a wellness studio offering yoga, pilates and group exercise.  This week I pulled out my marketing plan for reference and creating the project profiler.  I sketched out storyboards and worked on the logo (shown below).


We also learned the basics of stock photography and how to approach the different rights of each. Below is a synopsis.

Stock Photographs

Most websites will require some sort of photography or imagery when taking the design into consideration. You have a few options for producing imagery for a website:

  • client supplies already shot images, on disc, or for you to scan;
  • client hires a professional photographer, who will supply images to you;
  • client works with a printer who will supply images to you;
  • you will offer to take images for the client, for a fee;
  • you will purchase stock photos via a recognized agency for your client.

Stock photography consists of existing photographs that can be licensed for specific uses. Images are filed at an agency that negotiates licensing fees on the photographer’s behalf. Most stock images are available online, and are easily browsed in huge databases.

Stock images come in two primary flavors:

  • Rights managed = an individual licensing agreement negotiated for each use, with an option for exclusivity in an industry or for a period of time; price dependent on use and is often a more expensive option.
  • Royalty free = offers the ability to use an image in an unlimited number of ways for a single license fee, with no exclusivity; much cheaper option. This does not mean the image is FREE – it simply means there are no royalties attached. The user pays once to use the image in many ways.

Most sites offer low-resolution versions of images called comps, short for “comprehensives”; these are normally used in rough sketches or designs to show a client how a final piece might look. Some well known professional photography stock houses, offering individual licensing as well as entire cd’s of professional images:

Some Micro-stock houses that are gaining popularity, which recruit mostly amature photographers:

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Text Links

Photos as Web Content.


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