Week 5 Summary

There has been more Fireworks than the 4th of July this week!  I had a lot of fun learning Adobe Fireworks this week.  It’s super easy to use and you can undo all day!  I also got a chance to play around in Illustrator to create the vector artwork for my banners.  Below are a list of helpful terms for Fireworks.


Fireworks Terminology

There are some basic terms that we’ll hear over and over again in FIREWORKS when referring to image creation:


  • think of an onion and the layers of skin you peel off of it, one at a time;
  • layers of acetate used on a overhead project, that, when sitting on top of one another, create a collaborative piece;
  • layers can be moved and the order of items on a layer can be rearranged;


  • controls the state of your image;
  • used in animation;
  • used in the creation of rollover graphics;


  • guides help you divide up your image;
  • guides are invisible, except within the original program;
  • to show guides, show your Rulers, Ctrl-ALT-R or Cmd-OPT-R;
  • pull down guides from the ruler bar to divide up the layout into images / text;


  • think of a knife, cutting through the image, dividing it up;
  • slices do just this, so that you can “chop” up an image ;
  • you later reassemble it with HTML;
  • NEVER slice and build a website entirely as graphics;
  • slices are stored in your raw file in Fireworks;
  • slices will not print, show in a browser or save in different formats;

Web Layer:

  • Fireworks creates a layer called Web Layer;
  • holds slice and hotspot information;
  • layer is added automatically when you create a slice;
  • is not editable through the Layers window;
  • it does appear in the listings as a layer.

My banners:



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