Week 2 Summary

Color, Links and More! 


This week’s theme of color was a lot of fun.  Being an art school kid, I have taken my share of color theory courses but it’s always interesting reading different professionals’ perspectives.  The chapter in the book reviewed the following color schemes:

  • monochromatic
  • analogous
  • complementary
  • split complementary
  • triadic
  • triadic
  • tetradic

Palettes were also a big topic this week. The different ways designers can find inspiration in everyday objects and photos, then the process of creating color palettes from them.  Using the Kuler website by Adobe, I created my own color palettes from found images.  Once completed I can save my color palettes using the HEX Code. Hexadecimal counting system is way to define and reference each.

On the continuing resume project, I learned a bunch of new html tags that allow be to create hierachy within my site.  I also was able to create links and lists.

Below are links some helpful sites:






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